24 Mai 2017


For the second year in a row, Translavic took part in a charity relay race organized in Wrocław, Poland. The company team, aptly named Magenta Power (to celebrate Translavic’s new corporate colours), braved cloudy weather and gave their best competing with 5995 other participants. Returning runners Anna, Mirjam and Sébastien beat their last-year’s records while new team-members Patrycja and Iwona were not far behind. All of them could count on the support of a devoted group of fans composed of Translavic colleagues who cheered on the runners at the starting and finish line.

Personal results and competitive spirit were part of the fun but the event was all about helping others. Every team participating in the run contributed to a great cause: raising money for treatment of two little boys with congenital disorders. Such noble aim was a great motivator for the team. Staying fit and healthy was another benefit of this event. With health already on Translavic’s agenda (see how our Wrocław team enjoyed a Health Week here), it’s interesting to see which sport Translavic will take up next!