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Translavic is a professional document translation agency. As such, we translate various types of documents. We have a large team of trained translators with extensive experience in various industries. Translavic translates documents to and from all European languages as well as to and from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish. We are an ISO 17100-certified translation agency and offer a good price-quality ratio.

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Translavic has been providing us with translations of complex texts of a specialised nature summarising state-of-the-art research projects in Europe for CORDIS for almost two years now. We find the Translavic project managers as well as the team of translators to be highly efficient, reliable and innovative partners with the expertise required to meet our needs. We therefore appreciate Translavic’s commitment, high level of responsiveness, partnership and regular deliveries of quality translations for our thousands of online articles and many print publications.

— Karl Ferrand
Publications Office of the European Union

Translavic offers the following translation services

Our team of linguists has expertise in various industries and specialisations. We translate the following documents, among others. Do you need a translation of a text that is not listed below? Contact us and we will gladly explain how we can be of assistance.


Official document translation

An official document may need to be translated by a certified translator, but this is not always necessary. Whichever may be the case, we offer an appropriate solution.
More information about official document translation services

User manual translation

Manuals must always be clear and correct. Translavic provides a concise translation of your instructions, which your target group can use.

Medical translation

Translavic has the required expertise to translate various types of medical documents for professionals and non-professionals.
More information about medical translation

Legal translation

One incorrectly translated word can jeopardise the validity of a document. That is why we only use trained and experienced legal translators.
More information about legal translation

Technical translation

Our technical translators are happy to assist you with the translation of your technical manuals, brochures or web texts, ICT, software, automotive and electrotechnical documents.


Translation of Terms & Conditions

Our legal translators have extensive experience translating various types of terms and conditions, including general conditions, delivery conditions and payment conditions.

Résumé translation

Do you need a professional translation of your résumé to make a good first impression on your potential new employer? Translavic provides a superb translation of your résumé.


Passport translation services

Translavic has an extensive team of sworn and certified translators for an official translation of your passport. We provide this service for a wide variety of languages.

Translation of Chamber of Commerce extracts

Do you need an extract from the Chamber of Commerce translated into English or another language? We provide conscientious translations of your Chamber of Commerce extracts.

Financial translation

Our financial translators provide flawless translations of all the words and figures of your financial documents from or to English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.

Translation of annual reports

Translavic has the financial expertise to provide an accurate and professional translation of your annual report.

Article translation services

Translating scientific or other articles into another language requires in-depth knowledge of the relevant field. Translavic has this knowledge and expertise.

Brochure or leaflet translation

To ensure your brochure or leaflet appeals to your target audience, you will need a creative translation. Translavic can translate all your marketing communication, conveying the message of your leaflet or brochure succinctly.

Contract translation

Do you need a contract translated from or into English, German or French? We provide a completely correct translation of the original contract.

Thesis translation

Translavic has experienced thesis translators, who ensure that the quality of your hard work is also reflected in the translated thesis.

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Having Translavic translate your document offers the following advantages


A professional translation by our translation agency offers the following advantages.

Translavic’s linguists always translate into their native language. We use native speakers who perfectly understand the connotations and nuances of words and concepts.

We are an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, applying proven processes and best practices to guarantee the quality of your translation.

We have a large team of trained translators with extensive experience in various industries.

Translavic offers an excellent price-quality ratio.

We are happy to assist you with your translation projects, no matter how small or large. Our project managers can handle your translation project from start to end.

Our translators use CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation) and terminology databases for optimum consistency. The software ensures the same terms are consistently applied throughout the translation. Building a translation memory helps to identify recurring or identical text segments and translate them consistently. This also allows you to save costs.

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Our method for translating your document

Translavic applies the following process for guaranteeing the high quality of its translations.

1. Translation: the first translator converts the original document into his or her native language.


2. Revision: a second translator checks the translation against the source text. The proofreader makes changes where necessary.


3. Quality control: the project manager for your translation project performs a final check to ensure that the translation is in line with your objectives, wishes and instructions.

Translavic has performed various translations for the following companies, among others:


Translavic translation agency
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We translate to and from the following languages, among others. This list will be updated as soon as possible. As you can see, we translate documents to and from all European languages. But we can also assist you with translations to and from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish.

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