Medical translation services

Translavic is a professional translation agency with expertise in medical translations (also known as life sciences translations). Over the years it has developed long-term partnerships with various medical companies throughout Europe and the United States. Our client portfolio includes, among others, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical appliances and other aids as well as clinical research organisations (CROs).

We have a team of experienced medical translators for all European languages. Our translators translate into their native language and are familiar with medical jargon, ensuring the correct terminology and nuances are used. We can handle your translation project from start to end. We offer a good price-quality ratio and are an ISO 17100-certified translation agency.

A medical translation can be intended for professionals or for lay people, such as patients. In all cases, we provide a clear and consistent translation, that is tailored to the target group.



Medical translations for professionals

Medical translations for professionals

Translavic translates the following medical documents for professionals, such as researchers and doctors. We make sure that the correct medical terminology is applied consistently throughout the translation.

  • Scientific publications and research results
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical protocols and reports
  • Patient files
  • User manuals for medical equipment and aids
  • Marketing authorisation files
  • Product data sheets


Medical translations for non-professionals

Medical translations for non-professionals

Our medical translators provide a correct translation that is easy to read and matches the purpose of the document. We translate the following medical documents for non-professionals, such as patients, among others.

  • Package leaflets
  • Product descriptions
  • Patient information materials
  • Informed consent forms for participation in medical scientific research

In addition to the above mentioned texts we also offer medical prescription translation, medical market research translation and medical records translation services.

Our method for medical translations

Translavic applies the following process for guaranteeing the quality of its medical translations. All the translators in this process have experience performing medical translations, ensuring the correct medical terms are used. The experience of translators in specific areas of medical expertise is stored in a central database, allowing Translavic’s project managers to easily find the right translator depending on the subject of the text.


1. The translator translates the original source document into his or her mother tongue.

2. A second translator proofreads the medical translation.

3. The Translavic project manager performs a quality check of your project. This ensures that the translation is in line with your objectives, wishes and instructions.

4. If you have any comments or additions after the translated text has been delivered, our linguists will incorporate these into the translation.


We can also take care of the following additional steps for you:

  • Additional review of the target document by a medical specialist whose native language is the target language.
  • Back translation as an additional means for verifying whether the medical translation is correct.
  • Maintaining glossaries with the terminology that you approved.


Translations of medical documents to and from all European languages

We perform medical translations to and from all European languages. English is the most common language in this industry, but we have an extensive team of medical translators so that we can translate documents to and from any European language.

Our clients

Translavic has carried out life sciences translations for, among others:

Look here for a short description of the medical translations we provided to this client.

We can provide more client references on request.


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