Other services

Language training
Do you have international personnel or would you like to prepare your managers for a trip abroad? Translavic provides tailored language courses.

A literal translation will often not render the full impact of your commercial and promotional texts. In order to capture the interest of your international audience, texts may have to be rewritten, taking into account local culture and traditions.

Our international copywriters know the local market and master the art of conveying your message to your target audience.

Project management
Every project regardless of its size is managed by one of our project managers who will assign the most qualified translator for the job and ensure that the translation is delivered in time.

Our project managers are available to answer your questions during the entire duration of the project and will go that extra mile to accommodate any changes or special requirements you may request.

Machine translation has become part of today’s translation services. Large organisations build and train their own translation engines to manage regularly translated text types and language combinations.

Post-editing machine translated text is a skill of its own and ensures that machine translation engine output is edited to human translation quality. Translavic is specialised in post-editing and has experts available for any language.

More information about machine translation and post-editing

Terminology and translation memory management
You would like terminology to be consistent across all your translations, as well as future projects. You would like to reuse previously translated text to reduce future translation costs. Translavic helps you build terminology databases and translation memories.

Translation consultancy
Working together with Translavic grants you access to a vast amount of expertise and knowhow. We provide independent advice with regard to your translations, ensuring the most efficient and cost effective approach.