Technical translation services

Are you searching for a professional technical translation agency for an impeccable translation? Translavic has a team of experienced translators with extensive expertise in technical translations in a wide range of industries. We translate to and from all European languages but can also assist you with technical translations to and from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish.

Translavic offers an excellent price-quality ratio and can assist you with translation projects in the range of a few hundred words to more than a million words. Our project managers can handle a wide range of file formats and complex folder trees, taking the entire translation process of your hands. Translavic is an ISO 17100-certified translation agency. We can also assist you with urgent technical translations.

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A selection of clients to whom Translavic provides technical translations.



The benefits of working with Translavic for your technical translations

A good technical translation, that is also correct, requires experience and expertise. Qualities our technical translators have. Translavic also offers the following benefits:

Our technical translators translate solely into their mother tongue. This means we only use native speakers for your translations.

Translavic translates to and from many different languages. We will gladly assist you with technical translations to and from English, French, German and Dutch. Find out in which language combinations we can provide support for your technical translations.

We use professional translators with experience in your industry, ensuring the right terminology is applied.

Translavic is an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, offering a good price-quality ratio.

Our project managers will take the entire translation process of your hands.

Translavic’s linguists use CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation) and terminology databases for optimum consistency. This software ensures the same terms are consistently applied throughout the translation. You can thus save on the cost of your translation, for recurring or identical text segments.


How we translate your technical documents

Translavic uses the following method to guarantee the quality of your technical translation.

1. Translation: the translator translates the original technical documents into his or her mother tongue.

2. Revision: the second translator checks the translated document against the source text and makes changes where necessary.

3. Quality control: the project manager for your translation performs a final check. He or she ensures that the technical translation is in line with your objectives, wishes and instructions.

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Translavic translates the following technical documents

We can handle translations of the following technical documents for you. Is your industry or product not listed? Get in touch with us and we will gladly explain how we can be of assistance.


Technical document translations

A good technical translation is clear and concise. Translavic provides a clear translation of your manual, instruction or brochure, using the right terminology and in line with your target audience.
More information about translations of manuals


ICT or software translations

Translavic has employees with extensive experience in ICT. They provide a clear translation, using the right terminology.


Electrotechnical translations

Translavic also has technical translators who can translate electrotechnical texts, such as safety instructions, product specifications and instructions for assembly.


Translation of technical webtexts

A multilingual website is crucial to guarantee international success. Our translators provide persuasive webcopy that is easy to understand and strikes the right note with your website visitors.


Automotive translations

Our linguists have expert knowledge of the automotive industry’s specific jargon. We use native speakers to guarantee a correct and clear translation.

Besides the above products and industries, Translavic has also provided translations for clients in the metal industry, engineering, transport and logistics, shipbuilding and maritime engineering, the petrochemical and offshore industry, construction and civil engineering. If you are looking for an expert agency for translation services in the engineering domain, Translavic is at your service.
Translavic has already translated user and installation manuals, maintenance instructions, technical specifications for tenders, product specifications, safety rules, software documentation, technical reports and technical drawings for various clients.
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