Urgent translation service

Do you need a text translated urgently? Translavic is a professional translation agency that is always ready to serve you. We translate from and to all European languages, as well as from and to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish. You can request a no-obligation quote for an urgent translation and we will make you an offer as soon as possible.


Translavic has carried out urgent translations for the following organisations, among others:



Need a document translated urgently? This is how Translavic guarantees high quality

Thanks to the following working method, we guarantee a high-quality urgent translation.


1. First translation: the first translator translates your text into his or her native language. Translavic has an extensive network of translators in numerous languages and subject areas, and can quickly assign the right translation specialist to your text.


2. Revision: the second translator checks the translation against the original and makes improvements where necessary.


3. Quality control. Finally, the manager for your project carries out a final check. He or she ensures that the urgent translation complies with your wishes, objectives and instructions.

If you want to have a text translated quickly for your own use and the text does not need to be at publication level, then applying machine translation at step 1 may be a suitable way to save time. The revision step is then performed by a human post-editor. You can read more about this on our page about machine translation and post-editing.

The advantages of a professional urgent translation by Translavic

Translavic has what it takes to ensure a fast and accurate translation.

Our translators always translate into their native language. We therefore always involve native speakers for your urgent translation.

Translavic’s translators use professional Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and terminology databases for optimal consistency. This software assists in consistently using the same terms in the translation. This enables us to translate large volumes of text in a high-quality manner in a short period of time.

We have an extensive team of translators with expertise in various sectors. This ensures the right terminology, style and finesse for your translation.

We are an ISO 17100-certified translation agency that can take the burden of the translation process off your hands.

Are you interested in an urgent translation by Translavic? Do you need an emergency translator? Request a no-obligation quotation now and you will receive a competitive offer as soon as possible. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.
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