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Professional webshop translations for international success

Do you want to reach an international audience with your webshop? You need correct, persuasive translations of your webshop copy to ensure it is internationally successful. Translavic works with a large team of experienced translators, who provide professional translations and who always work in their mother tongue. We are an ISO 17100- and ISO 18587-certified translation agency, translating to and from all European languages. Translavic also has expertise for translations to and from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish.

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We will gladly assist you with your translations, no matter how small or large. We can take the entire translation process off your hands to ensure a good price-quality ratio. We listen to your wishes and take your objectives into account.

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Professional webshop translations by Translavic

To ensure that your webshop is an international success, it is crucial that your website copy is 100% correct in the target language. It is also important that your texts strike the right note and are just as persuasive as the original texts. Translavic is a professional translation agency that will gladly help you turn your webshop into an international success. We offer the following benefits.

Our webshop translators solely translate website copy into their mother tongue. We always work with native speakers for your webshop translation. Native speakers understand the connotations of words and use the correct style as a result. They also take the cultural context of terminology into account.

Translavic has a large team of webshop translators. As a result, we can convert your webshop copy into various languages. Do you need copy for your webshop translated from English to German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or vice-versa? We will gladly assist you!

Translavic is a professional ISO 17100- and ISO 18587-certified translation agency, offering a good price-quality ratio.

Our large pool of linguists has extensive experience in various subject areas. We have expertise in marketing, financial, technical and medical translations. We always use translators who have experience in your industry.

Obviously, you want people to find your webshop in Google, ensuring that visitors are converted into clients. We take search engine optimisation (SEO) into account and write conversion-driven website copy.

We have experience with different types of webshop software and CMS systems. Do you need a translation of your Magento or WooCommerce webshop? No problem!


Our method for translating your webshop

Translavic uses the following tried and tested method for a professional translation of your online store.

1. Translation: the translator translates the original website copy, e.g., product pages, article descriptions or blogposts, into his or her mother tongue.

2. Revision: a second translator, who is also a native speaker of the target language, checks the translations and makes changes where necessary.

3. Quality control: the project manager performs a final check to ensure that the translated webshop texts are in line with your objectives, wishes and instructions. The project manager checks that the right tone of voice and nuances are used, for example.

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Check our language overview to see all the languages Translavic translates. As you can see, we translate legal documents to and from all European languages as well as to and from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish.