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Are you looking for a Danish translator for an impeccable translation of your text? Translavic provides outstanding translations from Dutch into Danish and vice-versa. Find out on this page how we offer flawless translations with an excellent price-quality ratio. You can also request a free quotation, after which we will send you a no-commitment quotation at the earliest convenience.

Urgent Danish translations

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Danish translation agency with the following advantages

As a client of Translavic you enjoy these benefits.

Your text is always translated by a qualified native speaker. He or she has a superb command of his/her mother tongue and excellent writing skills. As a result, your translation is grammatically correct and conveys the desired emotion or tone of voice.

We are an ISO 17100-certified translation agency. This means we use a tried and tested method. Read more about this elsewhere.

We have a large team of Danish-English translators (and vice-versa) as well as translators who work in several other language combinations. Do you have a text that needs to be translated from Danish into several different languages? No problem! Translavic translates to and from all European languages.

We offer a suitable solution, no matter how small or large your project. We can take the entire translation process off your hands.

Translavic has extensive experience with various industries and areas of expertise. We speak the language of your industry and use the correct terminology.

Our Danish translators use CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation) and terminology databases. This translation software helps them to use the right terms, guaranteeing optimum consistency of your translation. You can also save on the cost of your translation, for recurring or identical text segments. Enquire about the possibilities.

As a modern translation agency, Translavic is completely up to speed with the latest innovations in the translation industry. Under certain circumstances, a machine translation in combination with post-editing can be an interesting option for your translation. Find out more on our machine translation and post-editing page.

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With this quality of work, Translavic will certainly maintain its position at the top of our list of preferred translation partners.

— Mariël Vergouwe


Sworn translator Danish

We have several experienced translators on our team for sworn/certified translations from Danish to English and vice-versa. We provide official translations of notarial deeds, wills, articles of association and certificates, among others. A certified sworn translator ensures a conscientious translation of your document at all times. You can find more information about official Danish translations on our certified translation page.

Some interesting facts about Danish

Danish, Norwegian and Swedish speakers can usually understand the other’s language. Native Danish speakers often understand these two other languages without too many issues. However, studies have shown that speakers of Norwegian generally understand Danish and Swedish better than Swedes and Danes understand each other.

Besides being the official language of Denmark, Danish is also an official language in the Faroe Islands and in Greenland, in addition to being an official minority language in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.


How we provide a perfect Danish translation

Translavic is a certified translation agency, using the following tried and tested method for a 100% flawless translation.


1. Translation: the translator, who is always a native speaker, translates your text from or to Danish. We only work with certified translators, who have a superb command of their mother tongue.


2. Revision: the second translator checks the translated document against the source text. The second translator is also a native speaker. He or she makes stylistic and linguistic changes where necessary.


3. Quality control: the project manager for your translation project performs a final check. During this process, the project manager checks whether the translation meets the required objectives and expectations.

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Translavic translates the following documents

Our Danish translators can translate the following documents. Is your text not listed below? Request a no-commitment quotation for your text in that case.


Danish contract translations

Every word counts when translating a contract and the translation also needs to be correct from a legal perspective. Translavic’s legal translators make sure that the translated document has the same authority as the original text.


Danish translations of Terms & Conditions

A good cooperation relies on good agreements, which is why clear terms and conditions are so crucial. Translavic provides clear translations of general terms & conditions and of sales, purchase and delivery conditions, among others.

Danish website and webshop translations

Although Danes generally have a good command of English, a website or online shop in Danish can significantly improve your conversion. We provide persuasive webcopy in addition to assisting you with search engine optimisation (SEO). We have experience with WordPress and Magento and can assist you throughout the entire translation process.
More information about translations of websites and online shops.


Danish translations of manuals

Besides being linguistically correct, a good instruction should also be clear. We provide understandable translations of manuals, user manuals or other instructions, for all industries.
More information about translations of manuals.

Danish translation of a brochure or leaflet

If you have a promotional brochure that needs to make an impact, you obviously want to achieve the same effect with your translated brochure. Work with Translavic’s native speakers. Did you know that most of our native Danish translators live in Denmark, ensuring they are surrounded by their mother tongue, so that they can grasp the emotional value of concepts and can convey the desired emotion in their translation of your text?

Danish translations of annual reports

Our team of experienced financial translators make sure that every letter, number and comma is in the right place in your translated annual report. Obviously, we protect the confidentiality of your document. Where applicable, we will gladly sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.

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Translavic speaks the language of your industry

Thanks to our large team of translators, we have expertise in a wide range of industries and markets. Below are some of the industries we regularly translate for. Is your industry not listed? Contact us and we will gladly explain how we can be of assistance.


Danish legal translations

Our team of legal translators have both linguistic and legal qualifications that guarantee an accurate translation of your document. In all cases, we ensure a perfect translation that has the same legal authority as the original document.
More information about legal translations.

Danish marketing translations

Do you want to strike the right note in Denmark with your brochures and leaflets? Our native translators have an excellent command of their language, ensuring your text conveys the same nuances in Danish.

Danish financial translations

Translavic relies on financial specialists for the translation of various financial documents, including prospectuses, annual reports and bidbooks.



Danish technical translations

Our technical translators speak the language of your industry. We use the right terminology and provide clear translations.
More information about technical translations.

Danish medical translations

As an experienced medical translation agency, Translavic has been providing translations to various clients in the medical sector for many years.
More information about medical translations.


About Translavic

Translavic is a certified translation agency, providing translations to and from all European languages. We also translate from and to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish. You can find an overview on our language page.

You can always request a no-obligation quotation from Translavic. Get in touch if you have questions or require more information about our translation services. We are happy to assist you.
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