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Translavic is an experienced agency for translating English, Dutch and German into French and vice versa. We only work with qualified translators who translate texts into their native language. Translavic translates for various sectors and is certified according to the international standard for translation services ISO 17100.
We are happy to be your translation partner for both large and small translation assignments. For these translation projects, we can take the hassle of the translation process completely out of your hands. Our project managers listen to your needs, ask the right questions and plan according to your wishes. Finally, we offer a good value for money for our translation services.

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Translavic has carried out translations to and from French for the following companies:



Within no time, Translavic BV has managed to secure a firm position within the select group of translation agencies that the corporate Translation Agency of Siemens Nederland N.V. engages to complete projects. We have come to know Translavic as a competent, reliable and versatile service provider. It is a pleasure to work with them.

— Louis Roth
Corporate Translation Agency Siemens Nederland N.V.

Our working method for translations

Are you curious about our approach? We are happy to tell you about it. The following method ensures the quality of your translation.

1. First translation: a qualified translator translates your text into his or her native language. For example, a native speaker of French translates texts from English, Dutch or German to French. Conversely, the same applies: a translation from, for example, French into English or Dutch will be performed by a native speaker of English or Dutch, preferably from the country of the native language. Only a native speaker can fully respect the cultural and local context of a text.

2. Revision: the translated text is checked by a professional translator with expertise in the subject area and also with the target language as their mother tongue. The translator compares the translated text with the source text and makes linguistic, terminological and stylistic improvements where necessary.

3. Quality control: one of Translavic’s project managers carries out a final check. The project manager checks that the translation is complete and that your wishes and instructions have been complied with.

Are you looking for English to French translation services? For your translation from English to French, vice versa or other language combinations, we take into account your instructions in terms of tone and style. We employ French translators who have experience in your field so that the right terminology is used.

Certified French translation

In our team we have experienced certified translators for translations of English, German and Dutch into French and vice versa. We provide official translations of, among others, notarial deeds, wills, articles of association and testimonials. Translavic takes care to have your document meticulously translated by a recognised sworn French translator. You can read more about this service on our webpage on certified translations..
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Our translation team is ready to help you!

Translation agency Translavic is happy to assist you in the following sectors

We work with expert translators for the following sectors, among others. Is your sector or industry not listed? Then feel free to contact us without obligation and we will be happy to tell you what we can do for you.


French technical translation

Translavic has experienced translators to convert technical texts to and from French. We translate instructions, operating and user manuals, brochures, and more. When translating, our translators take into account the purpose of the text and the terminology in your sector.
More information on technical translations

French legal translation

Translavic works with qualified translators with expertise in legal translations. We provide highly accurate and careful French translation services. When translating, our translators pay close attention to the right choice of words, phrasing and style. We ensure that the translated document has the same degree of finesse as the original.
More information on legal translations

French medical translation

Do you need a medical translation from English to French? Our translation agency is able to translate medical texts for both professionals and lay people. For example, we translate reports and scientific articles for doctors and other medical specialists, but we also translate package leaflets and information material for patients. Our translators use the correct medical terminology and also take into account relevant cultural differences.
More information about medical translations


French marketing translation

Is your company active in the French market? Then it is important to speak the language of your trading partners. For success in the French-speaking market, it is crucial that you approach your target audience and customers in fluent French. Translavic is happy to help you with the translation of marketing texts from, for example, English or Dutch to French and of course the other way around. We provide you with attractive translations of web texts, brochures and such. Our creative translators take your goals into account and know how to strike the right chord with your potential customers.

French financial translation

Translavic also has the expertise for financial translations – for example, the translation of annual reviews, press releases and financial reports. We employ experienced translators who will provide you with expert and reliable translations.

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Translavic offers French document translation for the following texts

We have experience with the translation of, among others, the following text types.


French contract translation

We work with translators who have the necessary legal expertise to translate different types of contracts. In a contract, every word is relevant and our translators ensure that the translated contract corresponds in content to the original document.

French annual report translation

Our financial translators translate the figures and explanatory notes in your annual report clearly and accurately. We listen carefully to your wishes and goals in order to use the right style and form.

French terms and conditions translation

Our qualified, legal translators use the correct terminology for translating terms. We ensure an accurate French translation of delivery terms, payment terms, terms of sale, terms of purchase and general terms and conditions.


French website or web shop translation

If you are active in the French market, a linguistically sound French-language website or web shop is indispensable. Our translators ensure that your web texts are engaging and error-free. Translavic’s translators translate into their native language and take into account the connotations and cultural contexts of words. This allows you to get the most out of your French-language website or web shop.
More information on the translation of websites and webshop translations

French leaflet or brochure translation

Our translators ensure that the content of your leaflets and brochures translated from or into French is well presented. We use creative, native translators who ensure a fluent, easy-to-read translation in which the message of the original leaflet or brochure is preserved.

French manual translation

Would you like to translate a manual or instructions for use from or into French? Translavic provides a correct and clear translation. We involve translators with experience in your sector so that the right terminology is used.
More information on the translation of manuals

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