German translation services

German is one of the most spoken languages in Europe, with many native speakers in German, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and beyond. Grammatically speaking, German is a complex language. The Germans themselves also often find it difficult to properly apply the grammar rules and many cases in every situation. Translavic’s native German translators are completely fluent in written and spoken German. Do you need a German to English translation agency, an English to German translation agency, or an agency for other language combinations? Find out more about the benefits of working with a translation agency like Translavic or request a free, no-obligation quotation now.


Urgent German translation services needed?

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Translavic has performed translations from and to German for, amongst others, the following companies:

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Do you also want to enjoy the following benefits?

Your text is always translated by a native speaker. Need to translate a text into German? At Translavic, this is always done by a German native speaker. Our professional translators typically have a perfect command of their mother tongue as well as excellent writing skills.

Translavic is an ISO 17100-certified translation agency. This means that our German translators follow proven procedures when translating your text. You can find more information about our translation process elsewhere on this page.

We offer translation services to and from all European languages. Do you want to translate a document from German into English? No problem. Do you need a German translation of an English, French or Spanish document? We can take care of it. Do you need a German to Hungarian translator? You’ve come to the right place at Translavic!

Thanks to our large pool linguists, we have expertise in various subject areas. We only use translators who have professional experience in your industry. We always speak the language of your industry.

If your text lends itself to this, we will gladly advise you on the opportunities for machine translation and post-editing. Translavic is ISO 18587-certified for post-editing translations and follows proven methods. Using machine translation can potentially reduce the cost of your translation project. Check our webpage on post-editing for more information on this subject.

We are happy to assist you with your translation projects, no matter how small or large. We offer an appropriate solution for each project, taking the entire translation process off your hands.

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Translavic has been providing us with translations of complex texts of a specialised nature summarising state-of-the-art research projects in Europe for CORDIS for almost two years now. We find the Translavic project managers as well as the team of translators to be highly efficient, reliable and innovative partners with the expertise required to meet our needs. We therefore appreciate Translavic’s commitment, high level of responsiveness, partnership and regular deliveries of quality translations for our thousands of online articles and many print publications.

— Karl Ferrand
Head of Sector CORDIS editorial – Publications Office of the European Union

German sworn/certified translations

We have several sworn/certified translators for translations from German to Dutch and vice-versa. Translavic provides official translations of notarial deeds, wills, articles of association and certificates, among others. We supply an impeccable and accurate translation of your document by a sworn/certified German translator. You can find more information about this service on our certified translation page.

The perfect German translation

Do you want to find out more about how we deliver impeccable German translations? We follow the certified method set out below for an excellent translation.

1. Translation: your text is transposed to German or from German to another language by a native speaker, the first translator. Our professional translators have a superb command of their mother tongue.


2. Revision: a second translator, also a native speaker, checks the translation against the text that you provided. The proofreader who revises the text is familiar with the relevant subject area and makes linguistic and stylistic changes where necessary.


3. Quality control: the Translavic project manager performs a final check of your translation project. He or she checks whether the translated text has been translated according to your instructions, in the desired style.


Did you know…

that the German language likes to string together nouns to form new nouns but takes this to the extreme? The longest German word has no fewer than 63 letters: Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz. Even the Germans thought this was a bridge too far, which is why the word was repealed.

that German is also one of the official languages of Belgium and Italy? Both countries have a German-speaking minority.

that the letter ß, or Eszett, only exists in German?

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We are ready for the perfect translation of your text.


What translations does Translavic provide?

We are happy to help you with the translation of any of the following texts. Do you need a translation of a text that is not listed below? Request a free, no-obligation quotation. We will let you know as soon as possible how we can be of assistance.


German contract translations

The legal translators at Translavic provide a meticulous translation of your contract. Your translated contract will always have the same authority as the original document.

German translations of Terms & Conditions

Do you do business in Germany or Austria or are you contemplating doing business there? Clear and concise terms & conditions are in the interest of all the parties involved. Translavic provides clear and correct translations of general terms & conditions and of sales, purchase, and delivery conditions, among others.

German translations of websites and online shops

The German online market is huge. To reach it, you will need a German-language version of your website. Translavic’s experienced website translators write persuasive web content, while always taking your objectives into account. We have experience working with various content management systems such as WordPress and Magento. As such, we can take care of the entire translation process of your website.
More information about website translations and translations of webshops


German translations of technical manuals

Effective instructions must be clear and correct. Our German translators provide an understandable translation of your manual into German or from German into English, French, Dutch, Polish or another language.
More information about translations of technical manuals

German translations of annual reports

Our financial translators make sure that every letter, number, and comma is in the right place in your translated annual report. Obviously, we protect your confidentiality. Where applicable, we will gladly sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.

German translations of your brochure or folder

Are you looking for a translation agency for a persuasive translation of your printed promotional materials? Look no further and request a free, no-obligation quotation now. We will make you an attractive offer as soon as possible.

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Our German translators are happy to help you in the following industries

The Translavic translation team has experience in the following industries, among others. Is your industry or market not listed below? Contact us to enquire whether we have experience in your industry.


German legal translations

We have an extensive pool of experienced German legal translators for the transposition of your contracts and legal correspondence. Translavic always provides accurate and meticulous translations. The translated document has the same authority as the original text. We also offer certified German translation services. Obviously, we protect your confidentiality when handling your documents. Do you need a German to English or English to German legal translation? You can find more information at the following link.
More information about legal translation services

German technical translations

Translavic provides clear and concise translations of manuals, product specifications, and technical instructions, among others. We know the market inside and out and use the terminology of your industry.

German financial translations

Finally, we are also happy to assist you with translations of your financial statements and documents, such as German financial translations. We use the appropriate jargon, protect your confidentiality, and deliver a meticulous translation.


German marketing translations

Obviously, your commercial text must be linguistically correct. However, you also want to convey a specific emotion or experience to your target group. Our native translators have a keen sense of the connotations of words and concepts. Thanks to Translavic, you will get your message across in any language!

German medical translations

Translavic is also an experienced German medical translation agency, specialising in the translation of various medical texts. We translate clinical studies and scientific articles aimed at medical specialists, among others. We also provide translations of package leaflets and patient information material.
More information about medical translation services

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Translavic is an ISO 17100-certified translation agency that offers translation services to and from all European languages. We can also assist you with translations into Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish. Besides professional German to English translation services, we have many more language combinations available. You can find a list of all our language pairs on our page translation services in the following languages.