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La dolce vita. Italy and Italians have become synonymous with the art of living. But Italy is also the third-largest national economy in the European Union and traditionally has always had a strong market share in terms of exports. Are you doing business in Italy or do you intend to? Translavic is an expert company in Italian translation and will gladly assist you with translations of various documents. Find out on this page how our Italian translators can help you.

Urgent Italian translations

Do you have an urgent translation and are you looking for an Italian translator? Request a no-commitment quotation. We will make you an attractive offer as soon as possible.


Translavic offers the following benefits

Our clients enjoy the following benefits. Will you be next? Our translation agency and our Italian translators are at your service.

We are an ISO 17100-certified translation agency. This means we follow a tried and tested method when translating your text. Read more about this later.

A native speaker translates your document into his or her mother tongue. A translation from English into Italian is thus always done by a native Italian speaker. Our native translators preferably live in their country of origin. Translavic’s Italian translators are excellent linguists and have excellent writing skills.

In addition to Italian-English translation services, you can rely on Translavic for translations from Italian to other European languages, such as French, Dutch or German. Are you looking for a Russian-Italian translator? We are happy to assist you.

Thanks to our pool of linguists, we have expertise in various subject areas. We speak the language of your industry and use the right terminology.

We will gladly assist you with your translation project, no matter how small or large. We try to find a suitable solution for every translation job. We think along with you and take the entire translation process off your hands.

Our translators use smart CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation) and terminology databases. This software helps them use the right terminology at all times, guaranteeing optimum consistency. You can thus save on the cost of your translation, for recurring or identical text segments. Enquire about the possibilities of CAT tools.

In some cases, machine translation combined with post-editing by a human translator is an alternative. Read more about this on the page about machine translation.

Besides all the above benefits, we also offer an excellent price-quality ratio, as you will find out first-hand when you request a no-commitment quotation.


Certified translation Italian

Do you need a certified translation from English to Italian or vice-versa? We have several experienced translators for sworn/certified translations from and to Italian for various language combinations. Translavic provides official translations of notarial deeds, wills, articles of association and certificates, among others. We provide an impeccable and accurate translation of your document by a sworn/certified Italian translator. You can find more information about official translations on our certified translation page.

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Did you know…

that Italian, like all other Romance languages, evolved from (Vulgar) Latin? The oldest existing Italian texts date from the 10th century.

that standard Italian is based on Tuscan, specifically on the Florentine dialect?

Italian only became the official language of Italy in 1861 after the unification?


How we provide perfect and professional Italian translations

Translavic follows a tried and tested method for translating your text, in accordance with ISO 17100.


1. Translation: a native speaker, the first translator, converts your document into Italian. Our native translators have a superb command of their mother tongue.


2. Revision: a second translator, also a native speaker, checks the translation against the source text. He or she makes stylistic and linguistic changes where necessary.


3. Quality control: the project manager for your translation assignment performs a final check of your translation. He or she checks whether the text has been translated according to your instructions and has the desired tone of voice.


We speak the language of your industry

We have expertise in various areas of business thanks to our many years of experience. Below are some of the industries in which we can offer support. Is your industry not listed? We can probably assist you nonetheless! Get in touch. We are happy to assist you.


Italian legal translations

Our legal translators provide a correct and conscientious translation of your legal documents. Our employees are translators, in addition to being legal professionals. They make sure that the translated document has the same legal authority as the original document.
More information about translations of legal documents

Italian technical translations

Translavic provides correct and clear translations of all kinds of technical documents. Our technical translators are familiar with the jargon of your industry and take your objectives into account.
More information about translations of technical documents

Italian marketing translations

Do you have a brochure, leaflet or other marketing materials that need translating? Then you will be keenly aware that a linguistically correct text is not enough. You also want to convey the right emotion to readers. Our native speakers have excellent writing skills and will make sure that the translation will appeal to your target group.


Italian medical translations

We have various experienced medical translators who can translate all kinds of medical documents. We translate scientific articles and medical protocols for professionals. But Translavic can also handle translations of package leaflets and patient information materials. In all the above cases, we provide correct and concise translations.
More information about translations of medical documents

Italian financial translations

Translavic makes sure that every letter, number and comma is in the right place when translating your financial documents. Obviously, we protect your confidentiality. Where applicable, we will gladly sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.

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Translavic translation agency
Our team of translators is at your service

Translavic translates the following documents

Which texts and documents can we translate for you? Below are some examples of documents that we can translate to and from Italian. Do you wonder how we can assist you? Get in touch. We will gladly explain the available options.


Italian contract translations

Every word counts when translating a contract. Our legal translators provide a very accurate and clear translation, which has the same legal authority as the original agreement. Obviously, we protect your confidentiality when translating your contract.

Italian translations of Terms & Conditions

All the parties involved stand to benefit from clear terms and conditions, which can prevent a lot of hassle. We provide clear translations of general terms & conditions, purchase and delivery conditions, and conditions of sale, among others.


Italian brochure or leaflet translation

As a language, Italian can convey a host of emotions and our native speakers perfectly understand this. They have a thorough understanding of the connotations and nuances of words. They also make sure that your message is properly conveyed in the translation.


Italian website and webshop translations

The Italian online market offers plenty of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs. Translavic produces a professional translation of your website or webshop. Our translators write conversion copy, taking search engine optimisation (Google) into account where necessary. We also have experience working with various systems such as WordPress and Magento. We can take the entire translation process off your hands.
More information about translations of websites and webshop translations

User manual translation Italian

Good instructions should be correct and clear. Translavic provides flawless and clear translations of manuals, user guides and other instructions.
More information about translations of technical manuals

Italian translations of annual reports

Do you have an annual report that needs to be translated to or from Italian? Our financial translators will provide flawless translations of your annual report, while taking your objectives into account. Obviously, we protect your confidentiality.

Are you interested in having us translate your document? Request a no-commitment quotation now and we will send you one as soon as possible. Do you have questions about our services or our Italian translation agency? Get in touch with us and we will gladly explain our translation services in more detail.

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Translavic translates to and from many different languages. You can find an overview on our language page.