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Are you looking for English to Polish translation services? Translavic is an experienced translation agency translating from, among other languages, English, French and German into Polish and vice-versa. Are you searching for a translator in another language combination with Polish? Translavic is happy to assist you.

Urgent Polish translation

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How our Polish translation agency can help you

Translavic offers the following benefits.

We are an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, offering a good price-quality ratio.

Our professional linguists translate solely into their mother tongue. Our translators are native speakers who preferably live in their country of origin, enabling them to take the local and cultural conventions into account in their translations.

The Translavic team has expertise in various industries. We thus use the right jargon and nuances in each translation.

We have experiences with small and large jobs. No matter how big or small your assignment is, we always provide a suitable solution, taking the entire translation process off your hands.

Translavic was established in the Netherlands and has a Polish subsidiary. The team in the Wrocław office has excellent ties with the local market and with the best qualified Polish linguists.

Our translators use CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation) and terminology databases. This software helps them use the right translations of key terms, guaranteeing optimum consistency. Thanks to these tools, you can also save on the cost of your translation for recurring or identical text.

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Sworn translator Polish

Are you looking for a sworn translator Polish to English? Translavic has sworn or certified translators for various translations from and to Polish. We can handle official translations of notarial and municipal deeds, legal judgements, certificates and immigration documents. Translavic provides an impeccable and accurate translation of your document by a certified sworn translator. You can find more information about this on the sworn translation page.

Within no time, Translavic BV has managed to secure a firm position within the select group of translation agencies that the corporate Translation Agency of Siemens Nederland N.V. engages to complete projects. We have come to know Translavic as a competent, reliable and versatile service provider. It is a pleasure to work with them.

— Louis Roth
Corporate Translation Agency Siemens Nederland N.V.

Meet our Polish translators

Meet some of our Polish translators.


How we produce a high-quality professional Polish translation

Translavic uses the following, professional method, to guarantee the quality of your translation.


1. Translation: the translator translates the source text into his or her mother tongue.


2. Revision: the second translator checks the translated document against the source text and makes stylistic, linguistic and terminology changes where necessary.


3. Quality control: the project manager for your translation performs a final check. He or she checks whether the translated documents comply with your purpose, wishes and instructions, including tone of voice and the right nuance.

Translavic translation agency in Poland
Our Polish translation agency in Wrocław, Poland

What translations does Translavic provide?

Do you need documents translated from or to Polish? Translavic translates the following documents. Do you need a translation of a document that is not listed below? Contact us and we will gladly explain how we can be of assistance.


User manual translation Polish

Translavic provides a clear and accurate translation of your user manual or other instruction for use. We offer translation services to and from Polish from all European languages. Translavic offers an integrated solution for your translation project, no matter how big or small it is.
More information about user manual translation

Contract translation Polish

Every word counts when translating a contract. Our legal translators provide extremely accurate translations to and from Polish, that have the same authority as the original contracts.

Polish translations of Terms & Conditions

Translavic has the required expertise to translate general terms & conditions, delivery conditions and payment conditions. Our qualified legal translators use the right terminology to provide completely correct translations of the original agreements.


Polish translation of a brochure or leaflet

Do you need a brochure or leaflet translated from or to Polish? We provide a clear and persuasive translation of your document, to strike right note with your target group.

Website or webshop translation

E-commerce and cyberspace have no boundaries, but they do have a lot of languages. Which is why you will need a Polish version of your website or webshop to ensure it is successful in Poland. The Translavic linguists write convincing conversion web copy, taking SEO (search engine optimisation) into account.
More information about user website translation and translations of webshops

Polish translations of annual reports

Tone of voice and style are extremely important when translating an annual report and our linguists make sure to use them when translating your annual report. We listen to your wishes and instructions, retaining the required style and ensuring a correct translation of your annual report.

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Translavic has already done translations to and from Polish for the following companies, among others:



Translavic operates in the following industries

We have experience with translations in the following industries and sectors, among others. Is your industry not listed? Contact us and we will gladly explain how we can be of assistance.


Polish legal translations

Our experienced team of legal translators ensures that every word in your legal document is correctly translated. We provide legal translations from Polish to English, but also in many other language combinations. Our linguists use the correct terminology, style and spelling. Translavic also has sworn translators who can translate official documents to and from Polish.
More information about legal translations

Polish technical translations

Our experienced technical translators are at your service to translate your safety rules, product specifications and operating and user manuals. We use your industry jargon and take your objectives into account.
More information about technical translations

Polish financial translations

Translavic can also assist you with translations of a wide range of financial documents. We take your objectives into account, protecting your confidentiality. Where applicable, we will even sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.


Polish marketing translations

A good marketing translation focuses on language and correct spelling in addition to conveying the right emotion or experience. We provide persuasive translations that strike the right note with your target audience. Our native speakers take the connotations and nuances of words as well as the cultural context into account, making sure the translation is just as effective as the original document.

Polish medical translations

Do you need a medical translation from Polish to English? Translavic provides medical translations for various target audiences. We also translate scientific articles and studies for specialists and professionals. Translavic also translates package leaflets, for a non-medical audience. In all cases, we provide 100% correct and concise translations.
More information about medical translations

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Translavic is a certified Polish translation agency, providing translations to and from all European languages. We also have the expertise to assist you with translations from English, French, Dutch and German to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and vice-versa.