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Translavic is your experienced translation partner for all your translations to and from Russian. In addition to Russian to English translation services we also provide translations in combination with, among others, French, English, Dutch and German. We are an ISO 17100- and ISO 18587-certified translation agency, with expertise in various industries.
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Sworn translator Russian

We have several experienced translators for sworn/certified translations from Russian to English and vice-versa. Translavic provides official translations of notarial deeds, wills, articles of association and certificates, among others. We provide an impeccable and accurate translation of your document by a sworn/certified Russian translator. You can find more information about official translations on our certified translation page.

Translavic has already done translations to and from Russian for the following companies, among others:



The advantages of working with Translavic

Are you searching for a Russian translation agency? We offer the following.

Our qualified Russian translators translate solely into their mother tongue. If you have a French text that needs translating, it will be translated into Russian by a Russian native speaker with a university degree in French. Native speakers have a keen sense of the connotations of words, using them in the right local context.

Since 2004, Translavic has been providing translations from English, French, Dutch and German to Russian and vice-versa, which explains why we have such extensive experience in this field. Today, we are offering Russian translation services in combination with all European languages. Are you looking for a Russian-Portuguese translator or an Estonian-Russian translator? We are at your service!

We are an ISO 17100- and ISO 18587-certified translation agency. We are happy to assist you with all your translation projects, no matter how small or large. We can take the entire translation process off the hands of our clients if necessary.

Translavic also has a large team of translators with experience in a wide range of industries and areas of expertise. We use translators who are familiar with your industry and its terminology.

The Translavic translators use professional CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation) for optimum consistency and efficiency. Our CAT tools allow us to consistently use the same terminology in your translation and reuse previously translated segments. You can thus also save on the cost of your translation, for recurring or identical text segments.

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Translavic realises that a good translation is more than simply providing a literal rendition of the words. Any ambiguities in the source text are effectively communicated. Our experience with this collaboration, in which both parties have the same goal, is therefore nothing but highly professional.

— Erik Lubbers
Waste Treatment Technologies

Translavic’s method

We use the following method to guarantee the quality of your translation.


1. Translation: the first translator converts the original source document into the target language. This translator is always a native speaker. A translation from English, French, Dutch or German to Russian is always translated by a Russian native speaker.


2. Revision: a second translator, the reviser, checks the translation and makes stylistic, linguistic and terminology changes where necessary. The second translator is also a native speaker of the target language.


3. Quality control: the project manager that has been assigned to your translation performs a final check. During this check, the project manager ensures that the translation is in line with your wishes, objectives and instructions.

Vertaalbureau Translavic is happy to assist you.
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What do we translate

Translavic translates the following texts and documents. Is your type of text not listed below? Request a free, no-obligation quotation to find out more. We will gladly explain how we can be of assistance.


Contract translation Russian

Our legal translators translate all kinds of contracts to and from Russian. Every word counts when translating a contract. Our translators provide an accurate translation of your contract, ensuring the content is consistent with the original document.

User manual translation Russian

Are you intending to launch your product in Russia? In that case, you will need a Russian installation manual, user manual or other type of instruction. Translavic provides a clear and consistent translation, that takes your objectives and readers into account.
More information about user manual translations

Russian translations of Terms & Conditions

Translavic provides accurate translations of general terms & conditions, delivery conditions, and conditions of sale, among others. Our legal translators use the right terminology for an impeccable translation.


Russian translations of your brochure or folder

A good brochure is clear in addition to striking the right note with readers. Our native speakers provide clear and catchy translations, that are tailored to your target group.

Russian website or webshop translation

If you want to carve out a place for your business in the Russian market, you will need a Russian-language website or webshop. Translavic’s creative linguists write persuasive web content, while always taking your objectives and the target audience of your webshop into account.
More information about website translations and webshop translations

Russian translations of annual reports

It is vital that all the numbers and commas are in the right place in an annual report, but using the right tone of voice and style is just as important. Translavic makes sure that this is consistently applied throughout the translated annual report.

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Translavic is happy to help you in the following industries

We have expertise in the following industries. Is your industry or market not listed below? Get in touch with us and we will gladly explain how we can be of assistance.


Russian legal translations

Our qualified legal translators will gladly assist you with the translation of various legal documents. Translavic provides a meticulous translation, using the correct spelling and style. The translated document thus conveys the same nuances as the original source document.
More information about legal translations

Russian technical translations

Are you searching for a professional translation agency for the translation of technical instructions, brochures, or operating and user manuals? Our experienced technical translators use the right jargon and terminology to provide clear translations. We listen to your wishes and take your objectives into account.
More information about technical translations

Russian financial translations

Our specialised financial translators provide impeccable translations of annual reports, credit agreements, annual accounts, and other financial documents from Russian to English, French, Dutch or German and vice-versa.


Russian marketing translations

Persuasive texts require persuasive translations. Our native speakers take the connotations and nuances of words as well as the cultural context of concepts into account. We ensure that your translated marketing materials hit the right note instead of missing the mark in the Russian-language market.

Russian medical translations

Translavic translates medical documents for professionals or for lay people. We also translate scientific articles and clinical trials to and from Russian. We can furthermore assist you with translations of package leaflets and product descriptions for patients.
More information about medical translations

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Translavic is a certified translation agency that translates to and from all European languages, including to and from English, French and Polish. We also work with native speakers for translations to and from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish.