New online course in post-editing of machine translation
02 September 2019

Translavic is launching a distance learning programme for translators. The aim of this first course is to train post-editors and help them get ready to..

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Climb to the top
19 July 2019

How does the Translavic team spend their free time? Firstly, they spend it together and, secondly, they seek out extraordinary circumstances! Last week, a group..

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Translavic joins SDL LSP Partner Program
21 January 2019

In December of 2018, Translavic joined the SDL LSP Partner Program (SDL is a leading translation technology provider). Through this program, Translavic receives benefits including..

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Translavic present at SlatorCon Zurich 2018
29 November 2018

On 29 November, Translavic’s managing director Jeroen Hesp was present at SlatorCon Zurich 2018 in Switzerland, an event for senior professionals from across the language..

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New talent in Translavic team
12 September 2018

We recently welcomed three new members to Translavic’s team of project managers! Agnieszka Krzesak, Sebastiaan Janssen and Hiba Traifeh started their jobs at the end..

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Translavic Polska celebrates its 10th anniversary
20 June 2018

Exactly 10 years ago last February, the second Translavic office was established in the Polish city of Wrocław. In mid-June, this fact was exuberantly celebrated:..

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Translavic at the start of the Wrocław 2018 company relay race
25 May 2018

It is becoming a nice Translavic tradition: on Saturday 19 May, a team of fanatical runners appeared at the start of the annual 5×5 km..

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Plunet Summit 2018 – how technology can help control quality
24 May 2018

Iryna Nikolayeva, senior project manager at Translavic, was one of the presenters today at the Plunet Summit 2018 in Berlin. In a session entitled Job..

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