Organisational changes
25 August 2022

We are proud to announce that Translavic will from now on be operating under the ElaN Languages banner! Since its inception in 2004, Translavic has..

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Take a break from your work this summer and leave your translations with us
22 July 2021

It’s high summer. Your colleagues are making holiday plans and perhaps you already have a summer destination in mind. You might explore an unknown region..

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The four eyes principle… is it really necessary?
08 June 2021

Translation is a profession. A profession for which you are trained at a college or university and in which you constantly improve by doing. But..

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Team news
26 March 2021

Have you already met our project managers Joanna and Justyna? They joined our team in January. By now, it feels like they’ve been here for..

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Translation and technology – an inseparable pair
29 January 2021

There’s no denying: innovative technology and artificial intelligence play an increasingly important role in the day-to-day activities of language service providers and translators. The Translavic..

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A helping hand at Christmas
15 December 2020

In the run-up to Christmas, the team members of Translavic joined forces to make the holidays more beautiful for others. They signed Translavic up for..

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International Translation Day
30 September 2020

Every year on 30 September, International Translation Day is celebrated worldwide. This day focuses on the important work of translation professionals, who, in a globalising..

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Imagine a world without translation…
22 September 2020

“Without translation, the world would be a duller, poorer and more unequal place, both economically and culturally, where only the ‘happy few’ with a knowledge..

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EU research results – Celebrating linguistic diversity
24 August 2020

Since 2018, Translavic is proud to translate all articles, reports, magazines and summaries published by the Publications Office of the European Union in the context..

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An Englishman in Twente part V: Food – UK vs NL
19 October 2020

  Only a few days before Brexit, project manager Liam moved from County Durham in England to Denekamp in Twente. He writes a series of..

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