15 December 2020

A helping hand at Christmas

parcels and Christmas gifts

In the run-up to Christmas, the team members of Translavic joined forces to make the holidays more beautiful for others. They signed Translavic up for NOBLE GIFT: a comprehensive social programme in Poland that helps companies and individuals to provide direct and personal assistance to people and families living in difficult circumstances.

This year, Translavic’s colleagues are supporting Eugenia: a 66-year-old woman from Wrocław who has lost her husband, daughter and – more recently – her brother, leaving her with no other surviving family members. Eugenia worked for many years as a seamstress in a clothing workshop but had to give up work when she needed treatment for breast cancer. She receives a pension, and after payment of her fixed costs and medical expenses, she has about 52 euros per month to live on. In spite of this, she is not sitting on her hands; she is a committed member of various senior citizens’ and women’s associations, which unfortunately have not been able to get together much since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Now that she spends a lot of her time sitting at home, she has picked up her old hobbies of embroidery and crocheting again.

Translavic’s colleagues bought and collected goods to lend Eugenia a helping hand and give her Christmas some added shine and cheer, based on a list of items that she needed and wished for. Everything has now been festively packed and delivered to a distribution point, after which volunteers will ensure that the parcels are delivered to Eugenia. The volunteers not only provide material help but also offer a listening ear to the people in need, who can tell their story and get not only comfort but also inspiration and advice to take control of their own lives again in small steps.

The budget made available by Translavic and the individual contributions and unbridled efforts of the colleagues will hopefully ensure an unforgettable Christmas for Eugenia.