29 June 2017

An ounce of prevention – ergonomics at work

Following recent company initiatives on health and fitness, Translavic continued the trend in June with the organisation of an ergonomics workshop, in the firmly held belief that, to quote Benjamin Franklin, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

The workshop provided the team with a range of practical advice on how to sit and work in harmony with one’s own body. The presentation on correct posture and anatomy, prepared by the workshop coordinators, was an entertaining but at the same time very informative glimpse into the secret lives of the bones and muscles that everyone uses while working in a sitting position.

During the workshop, the team received instructions on how to take better care of themselves in the work environment, and general recommendations were sent to everyone immediately afterwards. The highlight of the event was an individual approach session with personal attention for every team member from the workshop coordinators. By spending just a few minutes with each person at their desk, the coordinators identified ergonomic issues and quickly corrected them on the spot. Chairs, desks and entire workplaces were adjusted to make the comfort of working in a sitting position optimal.

The whole team agreed that the workshop was highly beneficial. What is more, it immediately inspired everyone to adopt the correct practices that were discussed during the workshop. Apart from watching the right posture while sitting, everyone eagerly agreed to incorporate regular exercises into their daily schedules. This has given us an excellent opportunity to have short team-building events every day. Clearly, the number of positive side effects from the workshop is growing and we expect there will be more to come.