22 July 2015

Changeover to SDL Trados Studio 2015

Translavic recently changed over to the brand-new 2015 version of the CAT software, SDL Trados Studio. CAT stands for Computer-Assisted Translation. Our project managers are currently familiarising themselves with all the latest innovations that the software offers compared to our previous Studio 2011 version.

Computer-assisted translation

During the translation process, the CAT software generates a bilingual database of the source text and the translation. When the system identifies a sentence that has been previously translated or very similar to previously translated text, it proposes a translation to the translator. Depending on the context, the translator can then decide to accept or ignore the proposed translation. A CAT tool should not be confused with machine translation – computer-assisted translation is still performed 100% by humans. The tool makes it easier to use approved translations and terminology consistently throughout the translation. It also offers the possibility to check the terminology consistency, grammar and spelling, etc. and whether the translator has overlooked any sentences. In a nutshell: an indispensable tool for a translation agency like Translavic that is dedicated to quality, efficiency and innovative technology.

Translators on par

Not forgetting our external translators, our resource management team can offer free 6-month starter licenses to freelance translators in our database that do not have SDL Trados Studio 2015 yet. The starter license is available for use on Translavic translation projects and the translators have 6 months to decide whether they want to purchase their own license. If they decide to go ahead and purchase the software, they can do so under favourable conditions. This ensures that our translators can keep up with our technological development.