19 July 2019

Climb to the top

How does the Translavic team spend their free time? Firstly, they spend it together and, secondly, they seek out extraordinary circumstances! Last week, a group of enthusiastic climbers decided to reach the top of Ślęża (717 m high), a mountain located in Sobótka, around 30 km away from Wrocław. The mountain, built of granite and covered with forests, is in a protected area called Ślęża Landscape Park. Even the unfavourable weather conditions could not spoil this exciting adventure, as the beautiful views, team spirit and fantastic atmosphere won out.

Right as rain, the most persistent climbers reached the top and the team later celebrated with a well-deserved, tasty dinner accompanied by nice stories and anecdotes. Every cloud has a silver lining, and nothing builds up a team like challenges that can be fought off together. Ain’t no mountain high enough for the Translavic team!