03 March 2017

International Mother Language Day 2017

International Mother Language Day was held on 21 February. This annual event was first organised by UNESCO in 2000 to commemorate two students from East Pakistan who were killed on 21 February 1952 while demonstrating for recognition of their mother language, Bengali.

International Mother Language Day 2017 was devoted to the importance of multilingual education. To foster a sustainable development, it is vital that students have access to learning materials in multiple languages. To this end, their mother language is of primary importance, as this is the language through which they learn the basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics.

At Translavic, we know all about multilingualism and linguistic diversity. 7 different mother languages are represented in our team alone, and together, we are proficient in yet another 12 foreign languages. All in all, our translators cover 63 languages in 264 different language combinations.

To find out more about our languages and services, visit Translavic’s Infographic.