30 September 2020

International Translation Day

Every year on 30 September, International Translation Day is celebrated worldwide. This day focuses on the important work of translation professionals, who, in a globalising world, are making an increasing contribution to international communication and mutual understanding between countries and speakers of different languages. Since 1953, the International Federation of Translators (FIT) has been celebrating this day every year. In 2017, the United Nations adopted a resolution on the role of language professionals in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding and development, and declared 30 September as International Translation Day.

The day coincides with the feast of Saint Jerome, who died on 30 September of the year 420. He was perhaps the first translator to gain real prestige through his work, namely with his adaptation and translation of large parts of the Bible into Vulgar Latin. Saint Jerome is considered the patron saint of translators, librarians and encyclopaedists.

Translavic’s staff would like to take the opportunity on this special occasion to warmly congratulate all of the translation professionals with whom they collaborate and to thank them for their valuable work!