01 November 2013

Medical care plan for Translavic Polska colleagues

A healthy company benefits from committed and healthy employees. When employees feel good, this can have a positive impact on the success of a business. Translavic attaches great value to good working conditions and considers the individual employee’s wellbeing. A comprehensive private medical care plan has been on offer to our colleagues at the Polish branch since the beginning of 2013. Basic healthcare in Poland is cheap and accessible, but often involves extremely long waiting times. Via the medical care plan portal, our colleagues in Wrocław have easy and fast access to medical specialists in a wide variety of disciplines. The care plan applies for employees and their children. The plan also includes free preventive medical examinations. To date, the employees in Poland are very enthusiastic about participating in this plan. Together with the medical care plan, a collective life insurance has also been concluded for the Translavic Polska colleagues.