21 August 2020

Multilingual communication in the time of corona

In March 2020 it was established that we are dealing with a coronavirus pandemic. Since then, national and local authorities, companies, schools and associations from all over the world have been continuously communicating about the best measures to take and maintain control of the coronavirus: measures for hygiene; for keeping distance indoors and outdoors and between different age groups; for the use of public transport and other facilities; for restaurant and cafe visits; for wearing mouth caps, etc. There is an abundance of rules to abide by and they differ in every country.

It has proved extremely important to inform people across the nation about this with press conferences, accessible government websites and, more locally, using posters and brochures. That is, in clear language, and in everyone’s mother tongue; in almost every country there are large groups of non-native speakers who do not understand the respective official national languages well enough to be able to follow guidance given in them. In order to combat the virus effectively, it is crucial that everyone in a country understands and follows the measures taken.

graphic corona measures

Fortunately, in most countries there have been many recent initiatives to translate and interpret information into the most widely spoken languages among non-native speakers in order to reach as many people as possible. At Translavic we have also translated coronavirus-related rules and protocols for various companies and institutions.

Do you need a crystal-clear translation of the rules that apply within your organisation? Request a free quote – we would be delighted to let you know what we can do for you.