02 September 2019

New online course in post-editing of machine translation

Translavic is launching a distance learning programme for translators. The aim of this first course is to train post-editors and help them get ready to add post-editing of machine translation as a new service to their commercial offering.

Managing director Jeroen Hesp: “By introducing an eLearning course in post-editing of machine translation, we want to help translators adapt to technological improvements in the translation process and to changing market needs. The output of neural machine translation is getting better and better. But the involvement of skilled human translators is indispensable to safeguard quality. At the moment there’s a lack of trained post-editors. By supporting translation professionals in learning post-editing skills, we hope to contribute to a stronger language services industry.”

Course participants will experience post-editing from a freelance translator’s point of view. Videos by peers and industry experts, visual materials and practical tasks will help them test and develop their post-editing skills and learn about:

  • MT standards, key terms and concepts related to machine translation and post-editing (e.g. what is light post-editing/full post-editing), in accordance with the concepts used in the international standard for post-editing ISO 18587:2017
  • Various MT systems, with a focus on neural machine translation
  • Typical MT error types and ways to spot and correct them
  • Quality estimation and quality assurance in MT
  • How to integrate post-editing into their translation business, and how to approach post-editing assignments

After finishing the course, participants will receive a certificate of course completion. The course will be available from October 2019. Registration is open for all interested language professionals. For early-bird registration please contact course coordinator Anna.

For more practical information related to the post-editing course, see the course page.

Interested in Translavic’s approach to the service of post-editing of machine translation? Please take a look here.