20 June 2017

Orsolya 10 years in service, Anna celebrates 5th anniversary

Translavic has been in business for over 12 years. Some of our colleagues in the present team have even been with us right from the very beginning when we embarked on this adventure. And on that note, we have a number of anniversaries to celebrate right about now!

It was at the end of May exactly 10 years ago that our colleague, Orsolya, gave up her job as a freelance translator and university lecturer to join Translavic as project manager. Orsolya has been a major contributor to the growth and development of the company and the team. In the meantime, she has seen and done virtually everything there is to do with translation projects. She is a valued point of contact, especially for Translavic’s direct clients. Congratulations Orsolya on your work anniversary! We look forward to many more years working with you.

Anna celebrated her 5th anniversary at Translavic in mid June. She already had a number of years relevant experience when she joined the team in 2012 as project manager. Since the beginning of her career at Translavic, she has seen a diverse range of assignments pass through our offices. Her extensive knowledge on the various subjects and clients at Translavic make her a valued walking encyclopaedia among her colleagues. Congratulations Anna on reaching this wonderful milestone! Here’s to a continued collaboration for many more years to come.