24 May 2018

Plunet Summit 2018 – how technology can help control quality

Iryna, senior project manager at Translavic, was one of the presenters today at the Plunet Summit 2018 in Berlin. In a session entitled Job Feedback as Essential Tool for Monitoring and Improving Translation Quality, she shared with the audience how the feedback options in Plunet BusinessManager helped Translavic to streamline the process of evaluating translation jobs and providing feedback to translators. Revisers assess the translations directly in Plunet and translators have unobstructed access to the revised version of their work. Revisers follow clear guidelines for calculating appropriate translation scores and for giving constructive feedback to their colleagues. With help of the scores, project managers can identify which translators perform best in a particular subject area.

A recent survey carried out among our translators and revisers revealed that both groups truly appreciate this way of working. It enables good team work between the parties involved and aims at continuous improvement. The Translavic staff is also quite satisfied about these Plunet functionalities: requesting and providing feedback are done continuously and – to a considerable extent – automatically, which means that those tasks don’t need to wait for a free time slot in the project manager’s busy daily schedule.