18 May 2016

Ready, steady, go!

Team Translavic_Bieg Firmowy

Adrenaline boost, loads of positive energy, great effort, rush of endorphins and tremendous satisfaction. All these coupled with an opportunity to help others and at the same time spend an extremely enjoyable active day out in great company of enthusiastic fellow runners and supporters – a truly perfect mixture!

Last weekend Translavic took part in a major charity running event organized for companies in Wrocław, Poland annually. As many as around 5000 runners, making up 1000 running teams, competed in the run. The Translavic ‘Deadliners Team’ composed of five members – Anna, Mirjam, Justyna, Agnieszka and Sébastien – bravely entered into a 5×5 km relay race and successfully completed it in a satisfactory time.

Each Translavic runner managed to beat their own running record, and the satisfaction they could feel at the finishing line was indescribable! They all had trained hard weeks before the race to prepare themselves well for the competition and it did pay off. The purpose of this great event was to raise money for a charity foundation which supports treatment of children and to promote healthy and active lifestyle among employees as well as to serve team integration and bonding means. All those aims have been achieved perfectly! Both the Translavic runners and indispensable supporters crew enjoyed the event immensely. We already cannot wait for the next year’s run.