12 October 2015

Translavic at ELIA’s Networking Days

Our project manager Ola attended ELIA’s Networking Days on 1 and 2 October. In the following article she shares her impressions.

‘It’s all about the vibe’ – these words by one of the keynote speakers at ELIA’s Networking Days in Krakow not only describe the relationships within the company or between a company and its vendors. They are also applicable to the event itself. And the vibe was great! The conference, organized in the beautiful city of Krakow, provided its participants with a platform for discussions and meetings with colleagues from the translation industry.


The presentations and workshops, focused mainly on vendor management and organizational alignment, were an opportunity not only to listen to specialists from their respective areas but also to exchange ideas, tackle challenges and discuss possible solutions. They were an insightful source of knowledge about how certain issues are handled in other companies as well as inspiration for actions to be taken within the organization.

The time between the sessions was not wasted either as talks continued during the breaks. It was impossible to feel alone in the crowd since there was always someone interesting standing beside you, ready to chat. The topics varied from presentations of services and company descriptions, through everyday challenges with people and technology, to updates on old colleagues or friends. The room was so abuzz with conversations that it was often impossible to make participants stop talking and attend the sessions. This proves that it was a true networking event!