01 May 2017

Translavic enjoys Health Week

Spring has finally settled in for good, so in order to fully benefit from its bountiful goodies, Translavic introduced a new fun initiative – Health Week. The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle among Translavic’s team members, who are already fairly health conscious and conscious of good eating habits. Which means they enjoyed this special event even more!

The idea is pretty simple – a nice big box overflowing with various fruits and veggies landed in the Translavic offices for the team members to share. Even though fruit and vegetables are nothing extraordinary – we all eat them regularly – it definitely triggered a childlike excitement. Especially as, along with the fresh and nice looking produce, there arrived a brand new jug blender that was quickly used to create yummy smoothies with combinations limited only by the creator’s imagination and taste buds. The tasting went on for a long time!

Everybody loved the initiative a lot, pinching a new and delicious piece of fruit or vegetable, or whizzing up a glass of smoothie every now and then during every work day that week. We’re sure all the greens we had during the entire Health Week were a real energy boosting vitamin bomb for our immunity and well-being. We’ll definitely keep the good habits for longer, and will organise more such events in the future.

You’re always welcome to grab a piece too! 🙂