18 December 2014

Translavic making language work for 10 years!

Translavic 10 jaarDecember is the ideal time for festivities and reflection. This year, and specifically this month, is of particular significance to us. At the end of the month we will be able to proudly celebrate how 10 years ago Ewa Posecka and Jeroen Hesp first established Translavic. Since then, Translavic has grown to become an important player in the translation market, with a portfolio of respected national and international clients, a successful office based in Poland, an international team and a network of qualified language specialists in more than 40 countries.

Throughout 2015 we will be celebrating this 10 year anniversary. Naturally we will be doing that with our team as well as taking time to commemorate this moment in other ways. We want to demonstrate to our clients just how beautiful a tool language is, and that a foreign language need never be a hindrance. Language has the power to create opportunities, and can be a springboard to a foreign market or new target groups. Our clients have, through our language services, experienced what languages can do for them. A wide range of professions from temporary worker to engineer, from civil servant to marketeer, from solicitor to doctor, from offshore specialist to EU functionary; they have all experienced language as a living, working tool. Translavic makes foreign languages work for you!

As a service provider we go the whole mile. And we intend to go further. We are looking forward to the next 10 years, and beyond. We have huge confidence in what we do. It is your trust and cooperation which has made the last decennia such a success. Let us raise a glass to the future!