20 June 2018

Translavic Polska celebrates its 10th anniversary

Exactly 10 years ago last February, the second Translavic office was established in the Polish city of Wrocław. In mid-June, this fact was exuberantly celebrated: team members from the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland all gathered in Wrocław for this momentous occasion. The team first took a step into the future, embarking on a virtual reality adventure that had them flying around the world, conquering the scariest roller coasters and playing various VR games. Everyone was then transported by vans out of the hot city centre, to the lovely sloping countryside south of the city, where a winegrower of Californian origin runs a vineyard and is successfully bringing Polish wines to the still infant wine market. After a guided tour, everyone was able to taste and judge the various wines while enjoying a delicious meal. As the sun slowly set over the beautiful view of the countryside, people were still tasting and talking for a long time!