30 June 2015

Translavic team celebrates 10 years and opts to set sail!

On a sunny Friday afternoon in June, the Translavic employees gave it their all and set off on a sailing adventure. This sporty get-together was organised to mark the occasion of 10 years of Translavic as a team. Translavic’s colleagues from the Dutch office in Rijssen and the Polish office in Wroclaw got together for a festive start in Amsterdam. The team members raised their glasses of champagne to celebrate the 10th anniversary on the roof of NEMO, enjoying the view of the replica of the VOC ship the Amsterdam, one of the sources of inspiration for the sailing theme chosen for the weekend.

On boarding the tjalk (Dutch spritsail vessel) the Nieuwe Zorg, the team members were immediately set to work by the skipper and his mate. It was then a matter of getting stuck in and hoisting the sails. With a beautiful sun setting on the horizon the tjalk then set sail for the port of Muiden, its port of call for the night. The next day, the team members were treated to a wide range of sailing conditions on the IJmeer and the Markermeer: bright sun, strong winds, high speeds, clouds, refreshing rain showers and high waters splashing over the bow.

During the course of the day the crew stopped off at the port of Volendam for a typical Dutch snack from the fish stall. Back in Muiden at the end of the afternoon, the sails were lowered and folded under the approving eye of the skipper and his mate and the team disembarked the Nieuwe Zorg content and full of new impressions and energy. The successful weekend was rounded off with a delicious barbeque in Rijssen where the events of this wonderful sailing experience where heartily recounted.