17 January 2017

Translavic was at Elia’s inaugural event for project managers

On 1 and 2 December 2016, Elia, the European Language Industry Association, brought together more than 100 people from 32 different countries at their first ever conference dedicated to Project Managers in the translation industry. This very special event took place in the city of Barcelona – a place where such gifted artists as Antoni Gaudí have brought their greatest ideas into life.

Agnieszka, one of our project managers, represented Translavic at this event. During these two nicely intensive days, the participants had a chance to listen to experts and to share their own experiences over very interesting moderated brainstorming sessions. They learnt some useful tips and tricks on time management, trained in negotiation skills and gained a clearer insight into cultural differences and how they affect the job – all necessary attributes for successful project management.

One of the speakers at the conference raised the analogy of a project manager being like a conductor standing before the orchestra (the translators) and directing, guiding and assisting in order to make beautiful music (the translation) that receives thunderous applause from the audience, which are of course our dear clients. Inspired by this thought, here at Translavic we will continue to ensure that our translations are music for your ears in the New Year 2017!