22 December 2015

Translavic Xmas Party – Recipe

Every great year should end with an even greater party. After all, hard work deserves to be rewarded in a proper way. Celebrate Translavic-style at a cooking studio with a famous celebrity chef and end your business year with a bang.

13 Translavic team members
1 professional chef
2 assistants
loads of good food
a few bottles of wine

1. Divide the team into 4 groups, each responsible for one dish. Make a project manager beat egg whites, a resource manager deep-fry kale and a CEO chop pears. Add a few project managers seasoning duck breasts, smoking pieces of cod and cutting vegetables. Mix with advice and instructions from the chef.

2. Once the team is working hard, add a few glasses of wine. Don’t worry if team members change their designated work stations. Ask a translator to stir a sauce and a quality manager to slice some more veggies. Make everyone work faster. When everything seems to be under control, get the plates.

3. Serve dinner: for starters, a zucchini cream with potato and kale chips with glazed carrots and hazelnuts; for the main course, a fish soup with smoked cod, fried shrimps and salmon tartare, and duck breast with spicy red cabbage and buckwheat. Finish with dessert: celeriac ice cream with pear-and-rum sauce. Reach culinary heaven.

4. Once dinner disappears, enjoy the evening. Take Xmas pictures, share stories and sing Christmas carols from all around the world in various languages. Don’t end the party at the studio – transfer the team to a club and dance the night away.