02 November 2017

Visit from a satisfied customer

Translavic recently completed two major translation projects commissioned by and in cooperation with Siemens Nederland N.V.’s corporate translation agency. It involved the translation of two manuals for gas turbine-driven compressor installations from English to French. Over 1 million words were translated spread across thousands of documents. Translavic assigned translators and revisers with technical specialisation and the necessary experience to work on these documents. Our project managers, Iryna and Agnieszka, were not only involved in coordinating the translation process and sourcing specialised translators for the texts, but also in the identification and analyses of the extensive document structure of the files for translation as well as the document version management. The translated documents were ultimately compiled into web-based manuals.

To celebrate the successful outcome, three Siemens staff members brought along some pastries with them during their visit to the Translavic team in Rijssen. Following a brief evaluation of the completed projects, we looked ahead to the start of a new commission – the translation of a similar manual from Greek into Albanian – with great anticipation. Our team and our translators are ready and willing!

Rear, from left to right: Pieter Jan Kole (Siemens Hengelo), Ewa (Translavic), Mirjam (Translavic); front: Jeroen (Translavic), Bennie von Stockhausen (Siemens Hengelo), Louis Roth (Siemens Corporate Translation Agency The Hague) and Iryna (Translavic)