Translation services

Regardless of which industry you work in, we assign translators who have the relevant experience and expert knowledge to your project so that you can rest assured that your translated document will be interpreted correctly. You will thus be able to appeal to different markets and reach out to a larger target audience. See which languages we are able to assist you with.

Translavic only works with professional translators who hold a relevant degree in translation or languages and have the necessary practical experience. They always translate into their native language and preferably live in their native language country. Thanks to Translavic’s network, you have access to professional translators across Europe who are very much in touch with the latest developments in their language.

Translavic is happy to assist you in the following industries and with the following products

On this page you will find an overview of the industries for which Translavic provides expert translation services. We will shortly be publishing an expanded list. Is your industry or product not listed? Please contact us anyway and we will be happy to explain how we can be of service to you.

Medical translation

Translavic is a professional agency for life sciences translations. We translate medical texts for both professionals and non-professionals.

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Technical translation

Translavic has an extensive team with expertise in technical translations.

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Urgent translation

We will send you a no-obligation quote as soon as possible for your urgent translation.

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User manual translation

We provide understandable and consistent user manual translations.

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Legal translation

Our experienced legal translators ensure an accurate translation.

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Website translation

Have your website professionally translated for international success.

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Webshop translation

Increase your turnover by also selling your products abroad.

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Machine translation & post-editing

Take advantage of the latest advancements and innovations in machine translation.

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Document translation

We provide perfect translations for many types of documents.

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Certified translation

Translavic provides certified translations in various languages.

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Software and website localisation

We are happy to help you reach a foreign market with your software or website.

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Our language specialists take one last look at your formatted text.

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Two pairs of eyes are better than one. Always have your text revised.

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Based on your wishes, we select the interpreter with the right language skills and professional knowledge.

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Other services

View the other translation services provided by Translavic here.

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Professional translation services for the following languages

Translavic translates from and to all European languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Turkish.

German translation agency

German translation

German is one of the most important foreign languages, among others because Germany is an economic powerhouse. We are familiar with all types of documents and can ensure a 100% correct translation.

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French translation agency

French translation

As an experienced translation agency, Translavic can handle translations of documents from French into English and vice versa.

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Polish translation agency

Polish translation

We have qualified and sworn translators for the conversion of a variety of documents from and to Polish.

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Russian translation agency

Russian translation

Translavic translates from and to Russian in combination with, among others, English, French and German.

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Hungarian translation agency

Hungarian translation

Our skilled language professionals are available for a wide range of translations from and to Hungarian.

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Bulgarian translation agency

Bulgarian translation

Our extensive team of native Bulgarian translators will translate any text from and to Bulgarian for you.

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Within no time, Translavic BV has managed to secure a firm position within the select group of translation agencies that the corporate Translation Agency of Siemens Nederland N.V. engages to complete projects. We have come to know Translavic as a competent, reliable and versatile service provider. It is a pleasure to work with them.

— Louis Roth
Corporate Translation Agency Siemens Nederland N.V.

Ukrainian translation agency

Ukrainian translation

Translavic is your professional translation partner for the translation of documents from and to Ukrainian.

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Romanian translation agency

Romanian translation

We provide professional translation services to and from Romanian, handling a wide range of documents.

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Serbian translation agency

Serbian translation

Translavic also provides 100% accurate, professional translations from and to Serbian.

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Czech translation agency

Czech translation

Translavic has an extensive network of experienced native Czech translators for the conversion of your texts.

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Slovak translation agency

Slovak translation

Do you know the differences between Czech and Slovak? Our experienced language professionals do, which is why they provide impeccable translations of your documents.

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Slovenian translation agency

Slovenian translation

A beautiful country and a beautiful Slavic language. Translavic provides professional and effective translations of your documents from and to Slovenian.

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Translavic has always provided IDS with a quick and high-quality translation service to meet our needs in Eastern Europe. They have proven that they understand our business and pay close attention to the context for which the translations are made.

— Mariël Vergouwe

Estonian translation agency

Estonian translation

Our extensive network of translators also includes native Estonian speakers for professional translations into Estonian.

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Latvian translation agency

Latvian translation

You have also come to the right place at Translavic for this Baltic language. Read on to find out how we can be of service.

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Lithuanian translation agency

Lithuanian translation

Are you looking for a Lithuanian translator for translations from or to this language? Our native speakers are at your service.

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Albanian translation agency

Albanian translation

Translavic has professional and experienced translators who can handle your translations from or to this Indo-European language.

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Bosnian translation agency

Bosnian translation

Are you looking for a certified translation agency for error-free translations from or into Bosnian? Translavic is happy to be your translation partner.

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Greek translation agency

Greek translation

From alpha to omega, our qualified Greek translators translate your texts perfectly from start to finish.

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Translavic has been providing us with European language services for many years now, particularly in the technical field. Thanks to the high-quality translations, prompt deliveries and clear communication, it is a pleasure to work with Translavic.

— Marlou Siemes

Swedish translation agency

Swedish translation

Translavic is also the professional translation agency for translating documents from or to Scandinavian languages.

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Norwegian translation agency

Norwegian translation

Our team of experienced Norwegian language professionals translates a wide range of texts for different industries.

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Danish translation agency

Danish translation

Translavic’s translators always translate into their native language. A translation into Danish is thus always done by a Danish native speaker.

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Finnish translation agency

Finnish translation

Did you know that Finnish is different from the four Nordic languages? Our translators know all the ins and outs of Finnish and ensure a perfect translation.

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Spanish translation agency

Spanish translation

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. At Translavic we are just as happy to assist you with professional translations from or to Spanish.

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Portuguese translation agency

Portuguese translation

Portuguese is spoken by approximately 250 million people worldwide. Translavic is happy to help you reach these people.

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Translavic realises that a good translation is more than simply providing a literal rendition of the words. Any ambiguities in the source text are effectively communicated. Our experience with this collaboration, in which both parties have the same goal, is therefore nothing but highly professional.”

— Erik Lubbers
Waste Treatment Technologies

Dutch translation agency

Dutch translation

Are you looking for a professional partner for a translation from or to Dutch? You have come to the right place at Translavic.

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Italian translation agency

Italian translation

According to many, Italian is the most beautiful language in the world. Let our Italian translators impress you with their Italian language skills.

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Croatian translation agency

Croatian translation

Translavic is also happy to assist you with translations by native speakers from and to Croatian.

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Turkish translation agency

Turkish translation

Turkish is widely considered to be one of the world’s hardest languages to learn, but our Turkish translators are experts in their mother tongue.

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Japanese translation agency

Japanese translation

Hajimemashite! Our Japanese translators would be pleased to meet you. Request a free quote for your translation today.

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Arabic translation agency

Arabic translation

Our Arabic translators take into account the emotional value and cultural context of concepts, so that your translation will make an impression.

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Chinese translation agency

Chinese translation

The most spoken or largest language in the world. Translavic has professional Mandarin translators with experience in various industries.

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