• Italian

Alice is a language enthusiast, with an interest spanning a wide range of aspects, from sounds to literary expression. Her interest continues to inspire further study, and after graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature from Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice, she is now enrolled at the same university in a Research Doctorate on Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies.

She started working as a translator in 2010 when, during an Erasmus placement in Lisbon, she offered to translate the website of a local cultural foundation into Italian. Alice has been working with the Translavic team since 2013, and it has grown into a relationship based on trust and confidence. Her projects include the translation of a graphic novel on EU regional policy and several summaries of EU legislation. Alice translates from English, French and Portuguese, mostly about her favourite subjects: EU affairs, international relations, tourism, education and Lusophone cultures.

The next challenge? Her first translation of a novel!