• Dutch

Jeanette has been fascinated by languages since childhood. She studied at the Thomas More university college in Antwerp, where she was awarded an MA in Applied Linguistics for Translation in French and Russian to Dutch. She also lived in Italy for some time and studied at the University for Foreigners in Perugia.
After her studies, Jeanette started working in international trade, where the working languages were mainly English and German, which she added to her portfolio as well. In addition, she is able to use her experience gained while working in the Fisheries Sector and Agricultural sector in her translations. In 2014, she completed a Foundation Course in Medical Science, and that same year she started working with Translavic on a regular basis.
Jeanette says that the project managers feel like colleagues and she truly values their efforts to provide all the necessary information, so she can do her translations as well as possible.
Her motto in translation is: A clear message can make all the difference, which is a motto that also applies at Translavic.