01 februari 2016

Mirjam viert 10 jaar bij Translavic


Afgelopen week werd in Wrocław gevierd dat Mirjam 10 jaar geleden bij Translavic in dienst kwam. Collega Ola deed verslag van deze dag vol verrassingen (artikel hieronder alleen in het Engels beschikbaar).


Confetti cannons fired in the morning announced that this day would be special. The whole company gathered in the Wrocław office not only to start the new business year with a kick-off meeting but also to honour Mirjam’s work anniversary: 10 years at Translavic.

Such a noble occasion called for proper celebrations. Therefore, Mirjam and the team enjoyed a special lunch and dinner followed by a delicious cake and surprise gift in the form of a photo album showing Mirjam’s history with the company.

And what a history it is! Mirjam started her adventure with Translavic as a project manager, handling translation projects for various clients. Then she moved on to become a production manager, supervising the team of project managers, overseeing quality as well as organizing and streamlining company processes. Over the years, she has never failed to provide support and advice, and the whole team can always count on her.

Everyone at Translavic wishes Mirjam many more wonderful years with the company. Happy 10th anniversary!