10 juni 2015

Veni, vidi, vici – LocWorld28 Berlin 2015

Afgelopen week bezochten collega’s Ola en Dawid een van de grotere evenementen voor de lokalisatie- en vertaalbranche wereldwijd. Hun indrukken staan samengevat in onderstaand verslag (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar). ————————————————————————————————–


59 sessions, 128 speakers, 45 exhibitors, countless meetings and an unending flow of ideas – LocWorld28 Berlin 2015 was a great success! Our colleagues – project manager Ola and IT Specialist Dawid – came back from Berlin inspired, motivated and energized.The conference was a great opportunity to meet representatives from all corners of the industry: from freelancers and in-house translators through LSPs to software developers. All of them came to Berlin to exchange ideas, meet old friends and make new acquaintances.


The sessions involved a variety of topics such as quality and content management, CAT tools and associated software, and best industry practices. However, the prevailing theme was the so-called Internet of Things, i.e. the interconnectivity of devices (to put it simply), forecast to increase in scope and range in the nearest future. The focus was on the impact this might have on the translation and localization industry as well as on directions companies (especially LSPs) would have to take to tackle new challenges brought by the skyrocketing pace of technological advances. Luckily, it seems our jobs will not disappear: although the automation and digitalization process seems to be progressing fast, Ola and Dawid learned there would still be place for services performed by humans in the sci-fi world of the future.


The two-day event was not only sessions and presentations but also talks and meetings. The snack area was always full of people – is there a better way of networking than over coffee? Actually, there is! 🙂 The conference dinner organized in the form of a barbecue in the green surroundings of Tiergarten Park was a nice end to the first busy conference day. Nevertheless, even though it would seem the conference participants would turn their attention to non-conference topics, industry-related discussions continued but in a less formal tone. Sharing company details while looking for the barbecue venue? Check. Exchanging thoughts about MT engines’ capabilities over a bratwurst? Check. Commenting on the trends in the translation and localization industry while listening to birds singing in the trees? Check. The organizers did a wonderful job in combining the knowledge-sharing part with behind-the-scenes events thus allowing everyone to benefit from everything the conference had to offer.


Summing up, Ola and Dawid enjoyed their time at LocWorld28 Berlin 2015. They will share their experiences with our team in the coming days so that everyone at Translavic not only has the latest insight into the industry but also feels as inspired as they are after the event.